Dropshipper Wholesale

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Access Dropshipper Wholesale Products Online

More and more internet vendors are starting to recognize the many advantages of working with dropshipper wholesale products rather than purchasing, warehousing, and insuring their own inventory. The reasons are clear. Wholesale dropshippers offer vendors access to their inventory of products and sell those products to the vendors at wholesale rates.

At the same time, they provide dropshipping services at very attractive rates. They even ship the packages in boxes sporting the name of the online vendor and containing the vendor's packing slip and contact information. These services result in a unique opportunity for the vendors; the process allows the vendor to concentrate on marketing, sales, and growing their businesses without ever tying their capital up in inventory.

Dropshipper Wholesale Products Advantages

For most sales businesses, inventory is one of the most expensive components of the venture. Inventory can also carry significant risk; if the vendor purchases products he then cannot sell, he is unable to recoup his investment. When a vendor works with a dropship wholesaler, the vendor never needs to purchase any inventory.

Instead, the vendor advertises the wholesaler's products on his website and, hopefully, makes sales. After a customer has purchased a product and paid the vendor for it in advance, the vendor contacts the wholesaler with the customer's information and a list of the products the customer bought. Note that, at that point, the vendor already has the customer's money and is taking no risk in ordering the dropshipment from the wholesaler. The customer receives the product she ordered and has no idea that it came from a third party warehouse.

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