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Written by Ava Grzegorczyk
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Dropshipping Company Information

If you're a new online vendor, you are probably wondering what the services of a dropshipping company can do for you. You may have heard that dropshipping is the way to go, but you may have no idea how the process works and whether it is legitimate. The fact is that dropshipping is one of the mainstays of internet selling, and it can be a real lifesaver for a small or one-person operation, or even for a start-up business.

It is not always possible for online vendors to obtain the capital that will allow them to purchase the extensive inventory it can take to fulfill the number of online orders that may come in very quickly. That kind of business requires the resources of a major company with a warehouse full of products and a staff that can handle a significant number of orders in a short time. Unlike a normal warehouse setting in which orders go out in bulk to the next company in the retail chain, dropshipping can be fairly labor intensive.

Find a Dropshipping Company Online

The good news for vendors is that there are hundreds of dropshippers advertising their services on the Internet. It is possible, in fact, for a vendor to work with more than one of them at a time. The key is for the vendor to find the wholesaler who carries the types and, especially, the quality of products the vendor wants to sell. Vendors are often allowed to view the wholesaler's warehouses before making a commitment to purchase products.

Another important factor in deciding which online wholesaler to use is the wholesaler's rates. In addition to finding out how often they plan to increase the rates at which they will sell you their products, you must also get a very clear picture of what they will charge you for shipping. Note that some dropshippers manage to add handling and packing charges to their shipping fees. You should get a guarantee in advance that there will be no charges over the basic "shipping and handling" charges you discuss up front.

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