Dropshipping Wholesale

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Dropshipping Wholesale Applications

Wholesale drop shippers will create access to an impressive number of products, either by purchasing and warehousing products of their own or by networking with a number of manufacturers. This allows online vendors to act as middlemen. The vendors send individual orders to the dropshipping wholesale company which then ships the order directly to the consumer. The consumer usually has no idea that the items came from a third party.

By the time the order is placed with the dropship wholesaler, the vendor has already received payment for it from the consumer. This is usually done by online credit card payments, but other methods are sometimes used as well, including online checks or even checks through the mail. For access to products and shipping services, a vendor pays either a monthly or an annual fee to the dropshipper.

Building Business Guidelines

You can find most of the information you need to build a drop ship online sales business right on the Internet. In fact, some of the dropshipping wholesalers provide specific information on the details of the process as well as offering resources to the vendors. Helping vendors to improve their sales makes sense since the more orders the vendors get, the more shipments the wholesaler will make.

Dropship wholesalers are willing to discuss such strategies as looking for closeout items that can be sold at reduced prices. Some offer Internet marketing newsletters and expert advice. Vendors can even find advice about and instructions on how to use international wholesale resources to grow their businesses even more.

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