We Dropship

Written by Ava Grzegorczyk
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"We Dropship" Means Success

When you're looking for a way to earn profits from an internet business, the words "we dropship" can mean the difference between success and failure. Think about it; you're starting a new sales business, and you may not have a lot of capital to work with. You have to create an attractive website, establish policies and procedures, deal with tax accounting issues, and, possibly, hire some help. In addition, you must determine what types of products to sell and where to get them.

Buying an inventory can be a huge investment that could tie up a major portion of your capital in a risky arena. What if your great product doesn't sell? Would you have enough capital to find another product and buy enough inventory to support the sales a website might generate? If not, the answer is choosing to use a wholesale dropshipper. There are literally thousands of wholesale dropshippers that can offer you access to the products they have already manufactured or purchased and which they warehouse and ship.

They Mean What They Say

The term dropship refers to a shipment made to a single customer rather than a bulk shipment to a major retailer or end user. Dropshipments may contain one or more items, and they are sent to customers who have already paid for them. This process creates a significant advantage for an online vendor. It allows the vendor to sell without inventory but with access to the wholesaler's products.

In fact, the vendor actually sells the products, collects payment in advance, and then orders the products, packing, and shipping from the wholesaler. That frees the vendor to concentrate on marketing and sales and even reduces the number of employees the vendor needs. Some vendors actually do quite well with this process working alone from their own homes. When you're considering working with a wholesaler who advertises, "we dropship," be sure to check both product prices and shipping and handling rates. Good, sound business sense in this area includes making sure you're getting a great rate for the products you use.

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