Wholesale Drop Shipper

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Wholesale Drop Shippers Online

One of the most common practices used by online vendors is to purchase products from wholesale drop shippers after the vendor has already sold them to an end user. Some websites, in fact, indicate that great wealth can be earned by using this process. In some cases, people do make fortunes by selling online. If you're thinking about making your fortune online, please remember to use good, sound business judgment; get the advice of experts; and work hard.

That said, here's how the drop shipper process works. As a vendor, you would, of course, establish a web presence. Hopefully, that will include an exciting website that skillfully markets your products. You'll develop your business procedures and establish an online payment method, and then you'll be ready to sell. At this point, you will need products.

Buying from a Wholesale Drop Shipper

One of the items you may not have a lot of when you start is capital. It takes capital to obtain an inventory, and, if you expect to make a lot of sales, you will need a significant inventory. If you plan to sell many different products, you will need even more products in your warehouse. That means capital outlay, warehouse rental, and even insurance. It also means you carry the risk if the products you purchased don't sell.

By working with a wholesaler who will drop ship directly to your customers, you can actually forgo buying any inventory until you have sold your product and collected the money up front. You'll have to establish a purchase relationship with a wholesaler, including access to product catalogs and clearly defined pricing. Before you do so, it's a really good idea to check out several online wholesalers to make certain that you are really getting good wholesale prices.

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