Wholesale Dropshipper

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Wholesale Dropshippers Online

First of all, you need to know what a wholesale dropshipper is. Basically, a dropshipper is like any other wholesaler with one exception. Most wholesalers ship products in bulk to large resellers or even to retail stores who sell to end users. Dropshippers, on the other hand, carry extensive product lines, often several thousand different products ranging from electronics to dolls.

You might think that dropshippers move their products in bulk to online vendors, but many of them don't. Instead, they work with vendors to provide for the individual shipping of one or more items to the vendor's customers. By the time the dropshipper even retrieves the product from his/her warehouse shelf, the vendor has already been paid at a retail price he/she set. The vendor, therefore, never owns the product.

Finding a Wholesale Dropshipper

Whether you've been in the online sales business for a decade or are just considering the option, you will need to make certain that you have the right products to sell and that you are getting those products at true wholesale prices. You will also want to discuss and establish shipping rates and to make sure there are no added costs such as "handling charges" to be added to each shipment. Once you and the dropshipper have agreed on rates and communications procedures, you will be ready to start selling.

The question is how to find a good dropshipper. The best place to look is right here on the Internet. You will find literally thousands of dropshippers ready to work with you. One dropshipper we found offered access to a product line of over 50,000 items. Most of these companies are reputable and can really help you to grow and manage your business. Be sure to investigate any dropshippers you are considering to make sure that you are not negotiating with a reseller and that your rates are the best you can get.

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