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Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Get Wholesale Products Online When You Need Them

Online vendors can now access a wide variety of products to sell at their websites by finding wholesale drop shippers who advertise their catalogs and services online. Rather than investing a substantial percentage of their capital buying inventory, vendors can establish a purchase relationship with a wholesale product supplier. This allows the vendor to view the wholesaler's catalogs of products along with a wholesale price list.

The vendor then advertises and sells the wholesaler's products using an interactive website that can accommodate online payments. After the vendor receives an order and a payment for the products each customer chooses, the vendor contacts the wholesaler using a pre-arranged method, and the wholesaler packs and ships the order directly to the individual customer.

Wholesale Product Shipping

While most wholesalers ship in bulk, either to major retailers, large corporations, or other middlemen, drop ship wholesalers create a production base that is geared to individual shipments to single customers. The process is called drop shipping because, instead of loading eighteen wheelers with pallets, the shippers generally transfer their packages to carriers such as UPS. The process can be very beneficial to both the wholesaler and the vendor.

First of all, the wholesaler can sell his products to a company that is doing all of his marketing and advertising for free. This means he can sometimes even move products that had not been selling. The vendor, on the other hand, can devote most of his time and resources to the marketing and sales end of his business. The vendor never needs to carry any inventory which frees up capital and makes for a positive cash flow.

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