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Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Your Wholesale Source Online

Whether you're buying for an online sales business or for an established retail company, you always want to be sure that you're getting the best possible price for quality products. Today, wholesalers advertise and sell a huge range of products right on the Internet. They also service a number of different types of customers.

For example, online wholesale sources sometimes sell in bulk to large companies, including retailers, middlemen, and end users. Other online wholesalers sell their products to vendors with whom they have established purchase/sales relationships. This allows both vendors and wholesalers a to take advantage of a unique inventory strategy.

Working with a Wholesale Source

Picture a situation in which a wholesaler purchases huge quantities of a wide variety of products to resell at wholesaler rates. The wholesaler is assuming all of the expense and risk of carrying an extensive inventory. In order to move that inventory at a profit, the wholesaler can engage in a constant marketing and sales effort, or he can simply advertise on the Internet.

There a thousands of online vendors who are looking for the very products the wholesaler has inventoried. The vendors, however, do not have warehouse spaces and, often, do not have the capital to support the purchase of an inventory. By working with a wholesaler source that provides drop shipping services, the vendor can actually advertise and sell products to individual customers, and, once s/he has the money in hand, can then order the products from the wholesaler. The wholesaler will package and ship the order directly to the end user in a box with the vendor's logo and packing slip.

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