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Written by Ava Grzegorczyk
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Find a Wholesaler Directory Online

When you're looking for a wholesaler from whom to purchase your products, you might want to check out a wholesaler directory that will give you the names and contact information for hundreds of wholesalers. You will also be able to learn about some of the ways you can minimize your outlay of capital while still making a great profit. There are, in fact, wholesaler directories that offer tutorials on becoming a successful online vendor.

Many of the companies you will find in the directory are classified as drop shippers. What they do, unlike most wholesalers, is to package and ship one or more items to individual customers, often the general public rather than businesses. Using a drop shipper can afford you some very significant advantages when it comes to managing your cash flow and minimizing or eliminating your need to handle products.

Wholesaler Directory Tips

While most drop shippers are reputable, you should be careful to compare rates for products and shipping and handling charges. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what your costs will be, paying attention to how often the drop shipper adjusts pricing. Ask about packing and handling charges. Some drop shippers include additional charges after the fact, and you should get a guarantee that there will be no such charges added to your orders.

Remember that you will have to subtract the wholesale cost of an item and any shipping and handling charges from the retail amount you collected in order to get to your profit margin. That amount will not include administrative costs that you will also have to calculate. The good news is that you and the distributor can arrange for a procedure in which you take the order, get the payment, and then order the products from the warehouse. In essence, you buy the product after you have already sold it!

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