Wholesaler Drop Shipper

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Find a Wholesaler Drop Shipper

Finding a great wholesaler drop shipper can be a great advantage to an online vendor. Establishing a purchase relationship with such a vendor can give the vendor the opportunity to minimize or eliminate his/her need to purchase inventory. Imagine what that can do to the vendor's cash flow. The vendor can put significantly more of his/her capital into advertising and selling the products s/he buys from the wholesaler.

To find a wholesale drop shipper, all you have to do is to search online. You will not only find thousands of drop shippers from which to choose, you will also find drop shipper directories that will provide you with contact information. In some cases, they even offer tutorials about selling online that can be very helpful.

Wholesaler Drop Shippers Product Purchasing

One common way that wholesale drop shippers do business with online vendors is to allow the vendor to purchase products after the vendor has already sold them. While that sounds like an unusual concept, it offers advantages to all of the parties concerned. The wholesaler receives the benefit of the vendor's advertising and sales efforts. The vendor is able to dramatically reduce his/her outlay for inventory. The customer gets products at very good rates because one or more middlemen are eliminated and because the vendor has no investment to recoup based on inventory expenses.

The vendor takes orders for the products advertised on his/her website. The customer pays for the products online. After collecting payment for the order, the vendor forwards the order information to the wholesaler. At that point, the wholesaler removes the products from his warehouse shelves, packs the products in a box advertising the vendor, and ships the products directly to the individual customer. The vendor pays for the products and shipping charges only after the vendor has received retail payment for both.

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