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Written by Ava Grzegorczyk
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Wholesaler Sources Online

If you're looking for a wholesaler drop shipper for your online sales business, you need only to search on the Internet. Here you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of drop shippers who will work with you. These wholesalers buy products in large quantities and warehouse them for multiple vendors to access. Instead of shipping out bulk orders, they drop ship single orders to vendors' individual customers.

The benefit for the wholesaler is that s/he only has to advertise online. In many cases, the wholesalers have either a very small sales staff or none at all. This is because, once a vendor has established a purchase relationship with the wholesaler, the vendor begins to advertise the wholesaler's products on a website. The advantage to the vendor is that s/he doesn't ever have to purchase products until s/he takes a customer's order and payment online.

Wholesaler Sources for Vendors

Many vendors sell only a few products, but even more prefer to sell a fairly wide range of items. Since you can get everything from fire trucks to widgets online today, vendors are often looking for new wholesaler sources for the items they want to sell. Again, the Internet is the best resource for wholesaler contact information.

Some things to look for include free or very minimal charges for access to the wholesaler's "virtual" warehouse information. You will also want to get price lists and information about the frequency with which the wholesaler raises prices. Vendors should definitely discuss drop shipping charges and should get those rates in writing. Ask whether the drop shipper adds extra handling or packing charges which, of course, the vendor will want to avoid.

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