Air Circuit Breakers

Written by Will Baum
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Air circuit breakers use compressed air to quench the arc in a circuit breaker. Instead of physically clicking off, these breakers use a rush of air to break the flow of electricity. These are not your mom and dad's circuit breakers. Air circuit breakers are heavy-duty safety equipment.

If you're a layperson, the circuit breakers you are familiar with (if you've every looked inside a breaker box) are simpler than air circuit breakers. Residential breakers use a simple on/off mechanism. When the current coming into your home gets to high, the breakers cut off the power with a click. If you want to restore power to your home, you have to manually reset the breaker.

This is a crucial safeguard against surges. Without circuit breakers, your appliances would be sitting ducks. Huge currents of electricity could potentially enter your home and do serious damage to everything you've got plugged into the grid. Happily, building codes and common sense ensure that circuit breakers are at work in just about every structure around the world that is putting electricity to regular use.

Finding Air Circuit Breakers

The arcing features in air circuit breakers make them ready for bigger jobs than just protecting your home. Air circuit breakers are used where larger amounts of electricity are used--industry, government, and the like. Finding air breakers to fit your needs is not difficult. Try the Internet. You're very likely to find companies that are experts in every type of circuit breaker, from the simple ones we all have encountered to the larger, more complex breakers not generally encountered in residential settings.

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