Bus Plugs

Written by Will Baum
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Bus Plugs are the secret heroes of manufacturing. Ask the average Joe or Jane on the street what bus plugs are and they are likely to shrug. They've never heard of them. Not many people have. Bus plugs may not be celebrities, but everyone has benefited from the work that they do.

Bus plugs are utilized in manufacturing to distribute power. Also known as "Buss Plugs," they are devices used with busways to send power to motors, production equipment, and panels. Bus plugs make relocating machinery simple. When a machine is moved, the electricity needed by any given machine can be easily redirected using bus plugs.

This is essential in operating a manufacturing facility. If you had to wait for an electrician to rewire your entire factory floor every time you wanted to move a piece of equipment, you would never move a thing. Your equipment would stay locked down, regardless of its value elsewhere. This, in turn, would stifle productivity. As anyone in business knows, flexibility is a key component of success. Bus plugs add that crucial flexibility and contribute to the safety of the factory floor.

Finding Bus Plugs

The bus plugs you need are almost certainly available over the Internet. You may want bus plugs with circuit breakers or prefer them with fused switches. You may have a certain make or model in mind. Regardless of what you are searching for, there is no doubt that you will be able to locate it on the Internet.

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