Challenger Circuit Breakers

Written by Will Baum
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Challenger circuit breakers are a good and reliable brand of breakers. Most brands are. If a circuit breaker company made breakers that didn't function properly, you'd hear about it quickly. Circuit breakers are vital parts of the power grid. Without them, using electricity would be a dicey game of hit-or-miss. Only the few and the brave would dare to have a bedside lamp or electronic refrigeration.

Happily, Challenger circuit breakers do exist and we don't live in a Wild West of unpredictability. We can count on circuit breakers to do their job. When current coming through them grows too strong, more than the equipment inside a structure can handle, circuit breakers stop the flow of current. This deceptively simple mechanism is preventing electrical chaos every second of every day.

Imagine living without electricity even for a day. When massive blackouts occur in major cities, the result is often messy. Security and communication systems go down. Criminals sometimes take the opportunity to get some work done. I was in New York City for the blackout of 1976. I remember vividly climbing down 13 flights of candle-lighted stairs to go outside. The elevators were, of course, not functioning.

Locating Challenger Circuit Breakers

It's not as if you had to be convinced to install circuit breakers in your new structure or to keep your circuit breakers up-to-date. Living without them is not an option. City codes make it the law, but no one needs to be told to add circuit breakers to their new construction. That's why you don't see expensive advertising for the devices. Products like Challenger circuit breakers sell themselves.

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