Circuit Breaker Enclosures

Written by Will Baum
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Quality circuit breaker enclosures are just as important a part of your electrical system as the circuit breakers you choose to fill them. When it's time to replace your circuit breakers, it's probably time to check the status of the circuit breaker housing as well. Natural decay, such as rust, or everyday wear and tear may have taken their toll. It's important to keep the enclosures in tip-top condition.

Circuit breaker enclosures are important for two reasons: they keep electricity in and other stuff out. With all the wires in your building running through the same small location, you've got to make sure that no power can escape. Whether there's a power surge or your house gets struck by lightning, it's up to circuit breaker enclosures to keep electricity where it's supposed to be.

Second, circuit breaker enclosures ensure the safety of your property by keeping the circuit breakers free from debris or tampering. If there's a gusty storm, you need the reassurance of knowing that the door of the enclosure won't fly open and stray leaves won't become lodged in your circuit breakers. Perhaps most importantly, you need to know that the circuit breakers cannot be reached by young explorers.

Buying Circuit Breaker Enclosures

When the time comes to replace circuit breaker housing, it is not the time to pinch pennies. You need quality and assurance--but you don't want to overspend. You can find a wide variety of circuit breaker enclosures on the Internet. With all the options available, you can be sure you'll find the quality you need and the price you want.

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