Cutler Hammer Circuit Breakers

Written by Will Baum
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Cutler Hammer circuit breakers help keep electricity flowing and the power grid in tact. Regulating current may be an unglamorous job, but someone's got to do it. Cutler Hammer circuit breakers fill the job with panache.

If you wanted to imagine a world without circuit breakers, simply remember what the last time you experienced a blackout was like. My most memorable blackout experience was in 1976 in New York City. Though I was young, my personal memories of the event have stood the test of time.

The blackout, if I remember correctly, happened over three hot summer days. My family lived in a 13th floor apartment in a building now taken over by New York University. Getting up and down 13 floors takes long enough in an elevator. Try it on a staircase. Neighbors (or the building managers) had placed candles every so often on the stairs. By the time my parents finally decided that, yes, it was a good idea for me to get out of the house, wax had melted over the banisters, giving an eerie, haunted house effect. When the blackout was over, I was disappointed.

Finding Cutler Hammer Circuit Breakers

I'm not certain what caused that blackout. (I can't say I understand what caused the more recent multi-state grid failure either.) Perhaps someone should have been using Cutler Hammer circuit breakers and relied upon another brand. When you buy Cutler Hammer circuit breakers, you can say to yourself, "Maybe I'm saving some kid a long walk down a dark staircase."

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