Federal Pacific Circuit Breakers

Written by Will Baum
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Federal Pacific circuit breakers are among the most trusted breakers in the breaker business. The company that Federal Pacific is now part of started in 1958 in Bristol, Virginia. It was known then as Electric Motor Repair and Sales, a no-frills beginning for a company that would continue for decades and find much success.

The company served the motors of the region's textile industry. Just a two-room shop with a hole cut in the floor to allow motors to be hoisted up, by 1960s, the company had grown exponentially. In 1967, the company's largest customer went belly up. That could have been the end for the company, but instead the company shifted its focus and began servicing the Virginia mining industry.

The trusted company was asked to manufacture power centers for coal companies. The Line Power Manufacturing Corp. was created in 1971 as a response. Electric Motor Repair continued to grow and began acquiring other companies. The Federal Pacific Transformer Company was a major purchase made in 1986. Federal Pacific circuit breakers found a new, larger platform to serve the nationwide electronics industry's needs.

Finding Federal Pacific Circuit Breakers

Finding Federal Pacific circuit breakers has become easier over the years, partially thanks to the continued expansion of its parent company, and partially due to the invention of the Internet. Shopping for circuit breakers used to be difficult and laborious. With circuit breakers stocked on-line, it is easy to track down the item you are looking for with a minimum of fuss and bother.

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