Ge Circuit Breakers

Written by Will Baum
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GE circuit breakers work like any other circuit breakers, but they have the extra bonus of bearing the trusted General Electric name. Circuit breakers are the little devices that make modern-day electronic living possible. Without them, we'd live in a world of short circuits and endless home fires.

GE Circuit Breakers and GE History

GE circuit breakers are one of the thousands of products General Electric has been making for many, many years. The history of GE goes back well over a century. GE credits the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia with inspiring inventor Thomas Alva Edison to explore a variety of electrical devices that he had seen on display at the expo.

It was in his Menlo Park, New Jersey laboratory--now an historic site--that Edison cam up with what may be the greatest of his many inventions: an incandescent electric lamp that actually worked. Edison concocted such a variety of devices that, by 1890, he had organized all of his businesses under one umbrella, the Edison General Electric Company. By 1892 the company became just the General Electric Company, or "GE." GE had its hands in lighting, transportation, power transmission, medical equipment, and industrial products. Electric fans were the first GE appliances, but they certainly weren't the last. In 1917, GE Aircraft Engines took on the challenge of a developing U.S. aviation industry.

Today, GE is one of the most recognizable names in electronics. The GE empire extends over many industries, from plastics to entertainment. Many know the GE name, not realizing its association with Edison. Customers of GE circuit breakers can take comfort in the company's long history of innovation.

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