General Electric Circuit Breakers

Written by Will Baum
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General Electric circuit breakers give a simple project to a company trusted with enormous tasks. If the defense department can trust GE with its elaborate gadgetry, relying upon the company's circuit breakers is probably a good bet. General Electric circuit breakers are bound to be reliable. There is too much at stake for the company to allow anything but the best quality products to bear the GE name.

General Electric Circuit Breakers and GE History

GE is such a well-known name that many may not realize that the origins of the company rest with another extremely well-known name: Thomas Alva Edison. Back in 1890, New Jersey inventor Thomas Edison had come up with so many different items that he needed a single business to contain them all. He called that amalgamation of his different businesses the Edison General Electric Company.

GE had a good start toward becoming a major player in business. Stockholders today look for companies that have something unique to offer, something that might conceivably encounter strong demand. Edison had the incandescent light bulb. The success of the light bulb was a fairly good bet.

General Electric didn't rest on its light bulb laurels, however. The company became involved in everything from transportation to medical equipment to electric fans. Today, GE is an empire unto itself, spanning many industries and earning billions, more than many small countries. General Electric circuit breakers are but a small piece of this massive machinery. They make a good, trustworthy addition to the smaller machinery that is the electrical system in your workplace or home.

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