Insulated Case Circuit Breakers

Written by Will Baum
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Insulated case circuit breakers are not the laundry room variety of plastic snapping devices. Insulated case circuit breakers are rugged, grey-boxed systems not generally found in residential environments. These are devices that can sometimes handle 200,000 amperes rms without fuses or limiters.

If that last sentence reads like nonsense to you, you're not alone. Insulated case circuit breakers are the domain of serious electricians. But the function they serve is just the same as the circuit breakers your have in your home. When current becomes too strong, due to a surge or other factors, the circuit breaker cuts off the flow of electricity. Damaging voltage is kept away from anything plugged in past the circuit breaker guardhouse.

GE makes a line of insulated case circuit breakers it calls "Power Break." Power Break circuit breakers are made for heavy-duty applications. The design includes five envelope sizes and protects from 100 to 4000 amperes. Power Break line breakers feature an interchangeable trip system. They are ambient insensitive and provide versatile power management.

Finding Insulated Case Circuit Breakers

GE isn't the only manufacturer of insulated case circuit breakers. The number of companies making the devices can be overwhelming. Finding the right breakers takes expert advice. Experts and information are exactly where the Internet shines.

Simple information used to be much harder to find. Now, with the Net, even complex questions can be answered with amazing speed. Before making any circuit breaker purchase, be sure to search the Internet for people to advise you on which products are the best fit for your needs.

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