Ite Circuit Breakers

Written by Will Baum
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ITE circuit breakers are counted upon in thousands upon thousands of homes and offices to see to it that electricity stays under control. If current gets too hot, ITE circuit breakers cut the connection. Dangerous high voltage current isn't allowed to enter. Appliances are saved. Fires are prevented.

Circuit breakers get entirely too little credit for the giant job that they do. Were we to exist for one day without circuit breakers, chaos would reign. Fires would spark, blackouts would spread. It would be a mess. Picture the next day, when circuit breakers are magically restored (along with order). From that day forward, circuit breakers would be celebrated. You can picture a long Circuit Breaker Day parade, with giant floats depicting various types of circuit breakers constructed out of millions of tiny flowers.

In the days of yore, electricity was a mystery. When lightening struck, people believed it was a sign that the gods were angry. Some still believe this. But some enterprising, empirically-minded people became curious about lightening. Benjamin Franklin flew a kite in a storm. Others unwound the mysteries of electricity in other ways. The rest, as they say, is history.

Electricity and ITE Circuit Breakers

Today, electricity is everywhere. Even those who repudiate the government and attempt to live "off the grid" still use generators of their own to enjoy everything that electricity makes possible. Living without electricity is simply inconceivable. We need electricity and we need circuit breakers. The Internet is a great place to find ITE circuit breakers and any other electrical devices you may be need.

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