Motor Circuit Protectors

Written by Will Baum
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Motor circuit protectors offer protection above and beyond what is offered by regular circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are great at cutting off power in a surge, but sometimes something more is required. Since the consequences of electricity getting "out of line" can be devastating, you really can't be too careful when it comes to keeping the power coming into your home or business under control.

Motor circuit protectors have an instantaneous trip that triggers automatically if a short circuit or a locked rotor is detected. Standard circuit breakers cannot make this claim. Standard breakers react only to surges in current. If the current coming through a standard breaker jumps above the set limit, the breaker cuts the current off. That's it. That's all they do.

The amp capacity (or ampacity) of a regular motor circuit protector is set at 50 amps, with the magnetic trip setting set between 150 to 550 amps. This setting is adjusted according to the full load of the motors being run. The higher the load, the higher the trip setting.

Finding Motor Circuit Protectors

Finding motor circuit protectors shouldn't give you a lot of trouble. Why? There's a simple, two-word answer: The Internet. The Internet has transformed the way business is done in everything from travel to entertainment. But retail has been changed most of all.

Shoppers have all become experts in what they're shopping for. They have consumer opinions, price comparisons, and brand information all at their fingertips. This has been a nightmare for some retailers (think car dealers) and a dream for others. Look on the Internet for motor circuit protectors and you'll find exactly what you're looking for probably at or near the price you want to pay.

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