Motor Starters

Written by Will Baum
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Motor starters break with maddeningly regularity. Whatever type of motor you're using, the starter often seems to be the weakest link. Your car just sits there when you turn the ignition? It's the starter. Your generator is on the fritz? It's the starter again. Happily, motor starters, new, used, and reconditioned are available at competitive prices from companies you can easily find on the Internet.

What is it with motor starters? Why won't they just do what they're supposed to do? Maybe, in order to understand why starters are sometimes unreliable, it's a good idea to first understand what they do and how they function. When an ignition is turned, that's the starter switch being operated. An intricate working of springs, levers, and gears is set to work. A turn, a twist, and a well timed snap later, and your engine is roaring. Ignition.

Finding Motor Starters

You may think you have an impossible to find electric starter. The one you have is broken and it can't be fixed. Don't give up hope. We live in the Digital Age, also known as the Information Age. The starter you're looking for probably isn't but a few clicks of a mouse away.

But once you've located the starter you're after, how can you know that the company selling it is as reliable as you want your starter to be? There are a few simple guidelines for knowing whether or not to trust a company that you find on the Internet. First, how long have they been in business? If it's only months or just a few years, you may feel a little uneasy. If you're going to make a purchase from someone who is new to the business, you may want to look them in the eye.

Go with your gut. If you feel uneasy, there's probably a good reason. Find a company that makes you feel comfortable. You want the starter you buy to be a starter that lasts.

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