Murray Circuit Breakers

Written by Will Baum
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Murray circuit breakers are a trusted--even loved--brand used by people who know electronics well. It's one thing to ask your average weekend home fixer which circuit breaker he or she prefers. Weekend warriors are likely to go for giant brand names like GE or Westinghouse. What is the reasoning? "The bigger the company, the better the product." How could that actually be true?

Companies grow by acquiring other companies. The acquired company isn't necessarily the best at what they do. If they were, maybe they wouldn't have gotten acquired in the first place.

Which brings us back to Murray circuit breakers. Electricians and wholesalers are among the fans of this smaller company's wares. Who are you going to believe? The guy installing his first circuit breaker or the one who is installing his thousandth? Trust experience with this decision--it is an important one.

Relying On Murray Circuit Breakers

You use Murray circuit breakers to do a vital, essential job in your home or workplace. Electricity has been tamed, for the most part. But even with all of our modern equipment--transformers and computer-operated power stations--electricity can sometimes begin to get out of control. That's where the circuit breaker steps in.

If the current coming through a circuit breaker exceeds the amount allowed, that's it--the breaker cuts the power off. No wild current will be allowed to get to your appliances and stress your wires. Your appliances are saved, and, very possibly, so is your entire structure. The circuit breaker has saved the day again.

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