New Electrical Circuit Breakers

Written by Will Baum
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New electrical circuit breakers are an essential addition to any house with old wiring. If your house was built during the days of cloth wiring and you can't afford to redo all the wiring, adding new electrical circuit breakers is a key half step to protecting your home from an electrical fire.

A friend recently purchased a Los Angeles home in a small, hillside community called Angelino Heights. Angelino Heights is the first neighborhood in Los Angeles to be designated a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ). In an HPOZ, homeowners are not allowed to alter the appearance of their homes without the consent of a board of community members and architects. The goal is to retain the historic nature of the houses.

Buying a home in an HPOZ is good for several reasons. You can rest assured that the neighborhood will continue to look pretty much the same as it does when you buy. No one's going to build a post-modern eyesore out your front window. But there are downsides to an HPOZ. The community board is the least of it. The real problem is that homes in an HPOZ are deemed historic sometimes for beauty, but mostly because of age. An old home is like an old person. Problems begin to arise, aches and pains and worse.

Adding New Electrical Circuit Breakers

With the average home price rising nationwide (in Los Angeles County, the average home price is over $400,000), new home buyers aren't likely to have a lot of spare cash to spend on home improvements. Making certain the electrical system is trustworthy has to be job one. Make sure new electrical circuit breakers exist in your house or install them as soon as possible.

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