Obsolete Circuit Breakers

Written by Will Baum
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Obsolete circuit breakers are those that are completely beyond repair. You may be surprised, however, to learn just how redeemable your obsolete circuit breakers may be. There is a large business that is involved solely in the reconditioning and resale of circuit breakers that may have been believed to be obsolete.

Before trashing your circuit breakers, talk to an expert about just how useless your perceived obsolete circuit breakers really are. Perhaps they can be salvaged. Maybe having them reconditioned on site is a less expensive alternative to installing an entire set of new circuit breakers.

Don't trust just anyone to make this judgment. Anyone can tell you, "Sure, I can fix it." Make sure that if they say that, they have know-how and experience to back it up. Circuit breakers are far too important to trust to a novice. Malfunctioning circuit breakers don't just pose a threat to your appliances, they pose a threat to your entire structure. Don't cut corners with your circuit breakers and regret it later. You want to be able to feel certain that the circuit breakers you install are completely up to the job.

Discarding Obsolete Circuit Breakers

You want to walk that fine line between spending too much and spending too little. Too much buys you shiny, new circuit breakers that don't do anything more than less expensive breakers could do. Too little buys you big trouble. When it comes to your electrical system, don't pinch pennies. As for your obsolete circuit breakers, look on the Internet for experts. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you learn.

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