Reconditioned Circuit Breakers

Written by Will Baum
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Reconditioned circuit breakers are a great alternative to putting in an entirely new system of circuit breakers. Reconditioned circuit breakers can do the job just as well, provided they are reconditioned and installed by people who know what they are doing.

Anything but top-quality work isn't worth the money you save. The state of your electrical supply isn't just important to keep your home or business up and running. It's important to keep it standing at all. Bad wiring and bad circuitry can mean bad news. You want power, not sparks. Don't be "penny wise and pound foolish," as the British say. Misbehaving circuit breakers can wreak real havoc. It only takes a small spark to create a big fire.

Using Reconditioned Circuit Breakers

Generally, there should be no risk installing reconditioned circuit breakers. Trusted firms are experienced at circuit breaker reconditioning. Their work has stood the test of time. The top reconditioners have experience with all manner of breakers--different manufacturers, different ages. They have rigorous quality control and testing.

The reconditioning process tends to involve the complete disassembly of the breaker system. The length of the process varies depending upon the condition of your system. Expect as little as three days for the work or as much as three weeks.

In some situations, upgrading is recommended. Has the electricity use for the structure changed since the original breakers were installed? How old is the system? Can worn parts be replaced? On certain models, the price of reconditioning may approach that of new parts.

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