Square D Circuit Breakers

Written by Will Baum
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Square D circuit breakers are among the best known circuit breakers manufactured. The company has a long history, stretching back a little over a century. By 1940, Square D circuit breakers could be found in half of all U.S. military aircraft. The company used the slogan, "Square D Everywhere." With all those planes flying around the globe and back, the slogan was true--a rare event in slogan history. Square D circuit breakers remain some of the most trusted and reliable in the business.

Square D Circuit Breakers and Square D History

Square D began as Detroit Fuse and Manufacturing in 1902, producing enclosed fuses and fuse switches. The trademark on the company's switches, a "D" inside a square, quickly became well known. To capitalize on the recognition, the company changed its name to Square D in 1917.

The roaring 20s were a big decade for the company. The Square D plant in Detroit was built in 1920. 1926 saw the company's manufacture of its first power distribution panel board. In 1929, the company entered industrial control after merging with Industrial Controller Company, and started producing Westinghouse-licensed circuit breakers.

Just six years later, Square D had developed its own circuit breakers, including the first ever residential circuit breaker. It wasn't till 1951, however, that the first plug-in breakers appeared. In the decades that followed, Square D continued to grow. After a spree of acquisition in the 1980s, Square D joined forces with Schneider Co. in 1991. Today, Square D circuit breakers are among the most recognized in the business.

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