Written by Will Baum
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Switchgear's role in power supply is fundamental. Distribution switchgear is needed to help split large networks into manageable sections and to help isolate and repair malfunctioning equipment. These large-scale uses are complicated enough to warrant books explaining just how the device works.

"Distribution Switchgear," by S. Stewart is one such volume. Released in 2004, the book includes a discussion of basic switchgear function and moves on to a wide array of topics from interruption techniques to fault level calculations to electrical insulation. It may not exactly be bedtime reading for the average reader but promises to be extremely informative about its topic.

The term "switchgear" has also come to describe the simpler, much smaller scale electrical devices that you can find in any modern home structure. If you've got power coming into a home or workplace, it has to be managed somehow. Usually, simple circuit breakers or fuses are sufficient. Some workplaces utilize additional precautionary devices that react to different types of electrical anomalies, protecting equipment (and, in turn, people) from surges and other unwanted electrical jumps.

Finding Switchgear

The very computer screen you are now reading from can easily show you the way to whatever switchgear purchase you need to make. The Internet is uniquely suited for handling electrical contracting equipment. One can't expect a warehouse in a big city to have the money or space to allow it to stock everything that customers may require and may keep you waiting. Businesses that maintain an Internet presence are sure to be able to locate exactly what you need with amazing alacrity.

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