Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Written by Will Baum
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Vacuum circuit breakers use a rush of air to break the flow of electricity through the breaker. When current gets too high, vacuum circuit breakers cut it off with a whoosh. Unlike residential circuit breakers, which have to be manually reset every time they turn the power off, vacuum circuit breakers can be set to cycle several times before requiring a manual reset. This way, minor surges are followed by minor interruptions in power.

Vacuum circuit breakers are generally found in manufacturing, larger buildings, and other high-demand locations. There is little to no need to install vacuum circuit breakers in your home. The tiny plastic breakers that you're accustomed to are just fine for the job they are required to do.

Larger electrical demand requires a more complex breaker. The basic function is the same: When the current surges, the breaker cuts off the power. In simpler circuit breakers, the power is cut off till someone comes and clicks the breaker back into working position. In complex breakers, the mechanism is constantly on alert for unwanted surges. When the moment of a surge passes, electricity is permitted to flow again.

Finding Deals On Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Heavy-duty electrical equipment can sometimes come at a heavy-duty cost. Shopping around is one way to go. Wiser still is using the Internet to locate the products you are looking for. Internet pricing generally assumes a certain degree of savvy among Internet customers. Since it is so simple to compare prices, companies listed on the Internet often make it unnecessary to take the step. The prices are already rock bottom.

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