Zinsco Circuit Breakers

Written by Will Baum
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Zinsco circuit breakers do the circuit-breaking job with professional polish and ZIN part number that can add a little zip to a wholesaler's day. Zinsco circuit breakers function essentially the same way as any other circuit breaker. You may be already acquainted with circuit breaker function. However, it's never a bad idea to have a little refresher.

How Zinsco Circuit Breakers Work

Without circuit breakers, modern cities would not stand. That may sound overly dramatic. That's because it is. But it's also something besides overly dramatic--it's true. Circuit breakers prevent electrical overload, shorts, and resulting fires. Modern firefighting is powerful, using all sorts of technology and know-how to conquer raging blazes. Without circuit breakers, there wouldn't be enough firefighters to last a day.

The way circuit breakers work is simple. When wiring in a building or home has too much current flowing through it, the circuit breaker says, "Nyet, no mas." (That is especially true if the circuit breaker is a Russian-Spanish speaker.) The potential for electrical mayhem is cut off with a simple snap.

Today, most new homes are wired to handle a lot of power, almost twice what old homes were designed to manage. It's not the TVs, radios, and computers running all the time that create the extra need for power. It's heaters, microwaves, and refrigerators--anything that alters temperature. These devices suck a lot of power through a home's wiring. If it's not possible to rewire an old home, putting in a new series of wiring cops like Zinsco circuit breakers is a good first step toward safety.

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