Forklift Personnel Platform

Written by Amy Hall
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A forklift personnel platform essentially allows workers to be elevated in order to complete jobs, such as stock pulling and overhead maintenance. This can be much safer than using ladders which can easily tip over and cause injury to workers. While forklift platforms provide a higher degree of safety than ladders, they should only be used by trained professionals who are aware of the hazards involved.

Forklift work platforms are basically attachments that are connected to the fork of the truck. This enables the platform to be removed and stored away when not in use, which offers exceptional flexibility and convenience. It is important that the platform be fitted for that particular forklift, so as to ensure a secure grip without the worry of slippage.

Work Elevated with a Forklift Personnel Platform

There are some great features that you can expect to get with a forklift personnel platform that will help to ensure everyone's safety. First, look for a platform that have a skid-resistant surface, so that a worker doesn't slip and fall while on the platform. Also, it is important that there are sufficient railings which will help hold a worker in in the event that they do slip and fall.

As an added safety precaution, workers should wear a harness to protect themselves should they fall over the railings. Forklift operation with the use of a platform should only be handled by professionals who have been trained in the procedures of heavy equipment operation. For more info about forklift platforms, please click on the link on this page which will take you directly to our preferred website on forklift ramps and accessories.

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