Forklift Work Platform

Written by Amy Hall
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A forklift work platform can turn a nearly impossible job into a relatively easy job. Forklift platforms are basically add-ons to the forklift, which can be raised and lowered as needed. Workers can ride up on the platform to carry out the job at hand, whether it be stock pulling or painting or changing a light bulb.

Without the use of such equipment, workers may be forced to climb ladders in order to carry out tasks at an elevated height. This is obviously not the most safe course of action as a ladder can easily tip over, posing a risk to the person on the ladder and the people in the surrounding area. Using a forklift work platform sure makes it easier to get the job done, and it eliminates some of the danger.

Taking Precautions with a Forklift Work Platform

As with any equipment, forklift work platforms must only be used by trained workers who are fully aware of the hazards involved with their use. Under no circumstances should anyone other than a trained worker attempt to operate a forklift platform. An inexperienced or unqualified worker not only puts himself in danger, but also the people around him.

Forklift platforms should conform to OSHA standards, and be fitted specifically for your type of forklift. There should be railings that are high enough to prevent anyone from falling over them. Workers can go that extra step by wearing a harness just in case they were to fall out or over the rail.

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