Loading Ramps

Written by Amy Hall
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Loading ramps make it easier for you to drive your forklift up onto a truck, or onto loading docks. Transporting materials from one place to another is not always easy, as the terrain can be of different elevations, making it difficult to do. This is when forklift ramps can make all the difference in the world.

The most durable loading ramps are made out of metal, preferably steel. Many ramps are portable, allowing for even greater ease of use. Portable ramps usually come in two separate parts, with the actual ramp, and then the deck, which is the straight walkway leading to the truck or loading dock.

Things to Look for in Loading Ramps

When selecting a ramp, it is important that you choose a ramp that is as least as wide as the distance of your outside wheelbase. On single runner ramps, the width should be at least as wide as your tire. It is even better to have some extra room to work with on either side of the tire, for added safety.

If you are loading into a small sized truck, such as a pickup, you can use a standard ramp, that is about 71 inches wide. However, a higher, full-size truck will require a longer ramp such as 81 inches or more. If you are not sure about dimensions, just ask the dealer you are buying your ramp from, as they should be able to guide you through the process so that you get exactly the ramp you need.

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