Loading Truck

Written by Amy Hall
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A loading truck is usually backed up to the loading dock for workers to either load or unload heavy materials. Sometimes a forklift is used to load materials onto the truck, with or without the help of a steel forklift ramp. Metal ramps can certainly make the job easier, as the level of the truck is not always even with the level of the loading dock.

Only an experienced worker should ever operate a loading truck, or any heavy loading equipment that is used at construction sites and warehouses. There are simply too many hazards for an inexperienced worker to take control of such a large piece of machinery. In fact, OSHA insists that all workers be trained according to their strict guidelines, as forklift safety and operation is a priority.

The Ever Important Loading Truck

Without a loading truck, it would be impossible to transport heavy materials from one location to another. For instance, a warehouse that ships their products to another warehouse would normally do so using a truck. It's the most cost-effective way to move heavy materials, which is why so many commercial industries use them.

Other important pieces of safety equipment that are used on construction sites and loading zones are wheel chocks, vehicle restraint systems, and dock levelers. Wheel chocks keep the trailor from slipping away from the dock while workers are loading and unloading. Dock levelers provide a bridge to the truck's trailor as well as a ramp to facilitate the transition in height from dock to trailer.

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