Loading Zone

Written by Amy Hall
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The loading zone is the most hazardous place to be. When you consider the amount of activity going on in this area, and the potential hazards present, it is obvious that workers must be diligent and alert when in this zone. You may find forklifts, metal ramps, overhead obstructions, loading trucks, machinery, and people, all in the same area, all busy working.

Factor in such things as rain, uneven surfaces, and poor lighting, and you can see why accidents can happen easily in the loading zone. It is for these reasons that workers must comply with the safety guidelines outlined by OSHA. All workers must be professionally trained to work at a loading dock, and they must be made aware of the hazards. In addition, they must know the proper protocol for handling emergencies and accidents when they do happen.

The Hazardous Loading Zone

The real reason why so much focus is put on the priority of dock safety is not because of the frequency of accidents, but rather the severity of injuries when they do occur. Injuries that occur due to falling loads from docks and trucks that tip over can be fatal to pedestrians in the area. Prevention of these types of accidents can be achieved through proper equipment training and handling.

Safety procedures must be strictly enforced at all times to further decrease the chances of a fatal accidents from happening. Supervisors on the site should be well-versed in the proper procedures to follow, and adhere to them. If you would like to learn more about dock safety, please click on the link on this page.

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