Metal Ramps

Written by Amy Hall
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Metal ramps are used for all purposes, from wheelchair access for the disabled to loading docks to vehicle or machinery transport. Steel ramps are often used predominantly for industrial applications, as steel is the most durable and sturdy of all the metals. However, for smaller jobs that do not require such a heavy weight capacity, aluminum can be used, as can other metals.

If the large selection of metal ramps has you confused, it helps to pinpoint exactly what you needs are so you can make an informed decision. For instance, if you only need a smaller-size portable ramp for loading and unloading your ATV from your pickup truck, then you do not need to spend an exorbitant amount of money on large steel ramp. However, if you are going to use a ramp to drive forklifts or other construction vehicles over, than you really should consider a more durable steel ramp that may cost more.

Transportable Metal Ramps

Keep in mind the need to be able to move your ramp from location to location. If you are going to need a ramp that is completely portable, you can often find ramps that come apart and reassemble quite easily. The parts usually consist of the actual ramp and a deck, which is the flat, straight part.

Many people like the idea of a ramp that is portable because it is convenient and cost-effective. If you only buy one ramp, as opposed to two or three metal ramps, you are saving money. Since these ramps can come apart, they can be easily transported between loading docks, or from a warehouse to another warehouse.

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Good Article - Many people when purchasing a ramp will just opt for a box standard one to keep costs down...a ramp is a ramp right? They don’t consider the implications of heavy machinery driving over them with heavy items. If the ramp is just for people then its fine to get a cheap one however if a heavy load is using it then it needs to be reinforced.