Transport Ramps

Written by Amy Hall
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Transport ramps do just what the name implies, they allow you to transport materials via their use. This can be broken down even further, into ramps that are portable between loading locations, and ramps that are used to transport vehicles or trucks. More than likely, you are familiar with both types, but let's take a look at the two types of ramps for further analysis.

Possibly, when you think of transport ramps you picture those large trucks that transport many vehicles and trucks at once, usually from a dealership. The truck carrier itself is composed of metal ramps that move up or down, allowing vehicles to be driven up onto the bed. In all probability, this type of carrier uses steel ramps for durability and high weight capacity.

Transport Ramps for Multiple Purposes

Other kinds of transport ramps are actually portable, and they can be broken down and reassembled quite easily and in little time. These types of ramps can be used at warehouses for loading docks, or they can be used to drive ATV's and motorcycles into the back of pickup trucks for transport. They can even be used to allow someone in a wheelchair access to a building that would otherwise be inaccessible.

There are also many reputable ramp manufacturers and dealers around the country that can assist you in your selection of a ramp. If you have a computer and Internet access, you can basically find just about any dealer simply by running a search on a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. You can also click on the links on each page of this guide, which will take you directly to our recommended site on ramps and accessories.

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