Yale Forklifts

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Yale forklifts are among the best you can buy. As a member of the NAACO materials handling group, the largest manufacturer of forklifts in the United States, Yale is a company you can rely upon to provide the highest quality, and best service.

The History of Yale Forklifts

As a company, Yale has been around since the nineteenth century. They began in the locksmith industry, and have since branched out into many other areas, now specializing in material handling machinery. A company with a history like Yale is one reason you know you are buying from the best when it comes to filling your forklift needs.

Yale makes some of the most technologically advanced electric forklifts as well. Built in microprocessors allow users to program power distribution and performance functions. Full computer diagnostic capabilities are also possible with these microprocessors, allowing a user to stay on top of safety and optimum forklift performance.

Savings on Yale Products

Yale forklifts are among the best you can buy and will greatly add to your overall business efficiency. Saving money is a great way to even further add to your company's productivity. Used forklift dealers operate all over the country, and use the Internet to further broaden their customer base. By taking advantage of such a resource, you too can broaden your ability to save money on quality lifting machinery.

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