Concrete Imaging Instruments

Written by Amy Hall
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Non-Invasive Concrete Imaging Instruments

Concrete imaging instruments have made it possible to examine subsurface utilities using non-invasive measures. It is possible to get subsurface imaging of rebar, conduit, post-tension cables and more. Perhaps locating electric lines is the most valuable service these tools provide, as this helps workers avoid electrocution, injury, and possibly death.

Most concrete imaging systems contain some basic components. Such components might include a digital video logger, a handle for scanning, an odometer wheel, a main power supply, and some sort of modem for data acquisition and display. Often times, there is also a component that allows users to download data onto a computer for additional analysis.

Enhanced Systems

There are enhanced systems that contain additional concrete imaging instruments that further enhance the users ability to read and analyze data. Such elements might include PC software for post-survey data manipulation. This is convenient because it allows the user to take some additional time to go over the material using the ease of a computer.

Additional components might also include enlarged area mapping and advanced post acquisition data analysis. 3D cubes and 2D Plan maps of any desired size can be created using innovative software. All of these components make the user's job easier, and it helps the user to analyze the data more accurately.

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