Ground Penetrating Radar Systems

Written by Amy Hall
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What Are Ground Penetrating Radar Systems?

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems provide critical information concerning structural integrity and the exact location of subsurface utilities, through the use of ground penetrating radar technology. Ground Penetrating Radar is a new technology that provides essential information concerning anything that lies below the surface. This technology has been used for a variety of purposes, but it is most commonly used to determine the exact location of underground utilities, reinforcing rods, tension cables, and other impediments.

This technology is fast, convenient and reliable. It is also quite safe as it uses no radiation. It is now possible to get 2 and 3 dimensional images of areas scanned using Ground Penetrating Radar Systems.

Structures that are commonly scanned include Floors (look for voids), Industry (locate utilities), Structural (exact location of reinforcing). Common locations that these Ground Penetrating Radar Systems are used include airports, manufacturing plants, parking garages, hospitals and universities. By knowing where all subsurface utilities are located, the risk of cutting through underground utility lines is substantially reduced along with the possible expensive repairs.

Advantages of Using Radar Systems

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems are innovative because they provide a definitive explanation to questions that otherwise had no easy way of determining the answer. There are other methods of locating, but nothing that is as cost effective or as convenient as GPR. A GPR survey can be conducted in an occupied building without disturbing any residents.

Large surveys that consist of several thousand square feet can be scanned in one day. GPR allows for conduit location, fiber optic location, as well as the location of many other underground utilities. GPR frequencies are low enough that they can be used next to sensitive equipment without any disturbance whatsoever.

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems are lower in cost than radiography, which is a bonus right from the get-go. Only one side of a surface needs to be scanned in order to view what lies beneath. In addition, data is gathered very fast and results are produced immediately, which also saves on time, and thus on money.

Why Use GPR?

We created Ground Penetrating Radar Systems because there is a great deal of useful information contained in these pages that the average person might find helpful. This site is not just for engineers or people in the feel of architecture and construction. It can provide pertinent information for the average consumer, who may need such info when building a house, or doing anything that involves subsurface structures.

Perhaps we don't think about all that goes into building homes, hospitals, universities, or hospitals. We just assume that the only thing required is the land and the builders. However, what lies beneath the surface can be just as important, if not more so, than what meets the eye. We hope you find the pages of this site informative and easy to understand.

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