Imaging Rebar

Written by Amy Hall
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Imaging Rebar with Surface Penetrating Radar

Imaging rebar is quick, convenient, and cost-effective using Ground Penetrating Radar Systems. These systems are used to investigate the subsurface and infrastructure systems such as concrete structures, roads, bridges, and tunnels. These systems are used in the fields of civil engineering, construction, geology, mining, archaeology, and environmental protection, to name just a few.

This technology has been modified over the last few years and is now being offered as a tool to assist the construction and engineering industry with solving problems regarding the location of items in and below concrete slabs and the location of underground utilities. The capabilities GPR has to offer are being improved continuously. It is now possible for some Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to take the scans from the radar survey and put them into a three-dimensional format for the customer.

Why Is GPR Useful?

GPR is useful in imaging rebar and utilities location because it is an accurate, convenient and fast way to do non-destructive testing. Critical information regarding structural integrity and the exact location of subsurface utilities is possible in a shorter amount of time than the traditional way of finding them through X-rays. It is also a safer alternative to X-rays as it uses no radiation.

GPR systems are used by Geologists, Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Highway Engineers, Mining Engineers, Archaeologists, and Forensic experts to solve complex problems related to their specialties. In places like California and Japan where earthquakes are a big threat to the overall population, engineers rely on these GPR systems to help them accurately identify any subsurface structures or utilities that are weak and in need of repair. For instance, bridges often become structurally weakened when an earthquake hits, and now with this radar, engineers can see below the surface and identify problems for a quick resolution.

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