Locating Electric Lines

Written by Amy Hall
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Locating Electric Lines with Ground Penetrating Radar Systems

Locating electric lines is quick, reliable, and cost effective with Ground Penetrating Radar. It is actually possible to "see" all subsurface utilities to a maximum depth of 10 feet. The location and depth of all reinforcing steel bars, and any voids inside slabs can also be detected.

What is truly amazing about these GPR systems is that they allow users to "see" what's beneath the surface, without even disturbing the surface by digging or coring. Simply by using the specialized equipment, users can find all subsurface utilities, before any digging even takes place. Then, with the use of software and a computer, they can get detailed reports and diagrams detailing the exact location of conduit, plumbing, fiber optic cable and more.

GPR Saves Time and Money

These systems have some great advantages over radiography. Since only one side of the surface needs to be scanned, this saves on time and having to take numerous X-rays of the targeted area. There is also no risk of radiation with GPR, so there is no need to clear the area being scanned.

This specialized equipment has the ability to scan hard to reach areas, as well as thousands of square feet in just one day! It truly has never been easier to to find subsurface utilities in such a non-destructive, cost effective manner. Locating electric lines is fast, accurate, and less expensive than using traditional X-rays.

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