Post Tension Locating

Written by Amy Hall
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Post Tension Locating With GPR

Post tension locating is a snap with Ground Penetrating Radar. This radar can be used to locate post tension cables to avoid cutting or to verify placement. This is very important to the professionals in industrial and commercial engineering who must plan out projects well in advance of the actual construction.

A major source of delays and additional costs is due to encountering utilities and other objects or debris in unexpected places during excavation. Locating or designating utilities and other subsurface objects (like foundations or pilings) prior to excavation can potentially avert the delays and cost overruns encountered from locating these same objects during excavation. Not only does this prevent delays and cost overruns, but it is also an enormous safety precaution as it virtually eliminates the possibility of fires or electrocutions from workers coming in contact with live electrical wires unexpectedly.

Subsurface Utility Engineering

Subsurface utility engineering (SUE) can accurately determine the precise horizontal and vertical location of underground utilities, including rebar, conduit, and electrical wiring. Post tension locating is just another utility that this system is capable of finding and mapping prior to excavation. It is important to understand that improved technologies and expanding utility demands have resulted in an extremely complex network of underground utilities.

When underground utilities consisted mainly of water and sewer lines, they were fairly simple to locate. But the design and construction projects in areas of concentrated underground utilities require precise utility location information to avoid costly delays, conflicts, redesigns, safety hazards and disruptions. Fortunately, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems make this an entirely possible feat, thus saving time and money.

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Post Tension Cable Repair

Once you have located all the post tension cables around your home you may find that some are in need of repair. If your cable ends are exposed they will rust and eventually fail. With the pocket shear you can remove any rust and recap your cable.