Underground Survey

Written by Amy Hall
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Underground Survey Using Imaging Technology

Underground survey is done using imaging technology that allows workers to "see" what is below the surface or inside a concrete slab. This is very important whenever any type of construction project is being planned. In construction, what you can't see is often what causes the greatest problem.

In recent years, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) has been used more and more over traditional X-rays to get a clear picture of what is lurking below the surface in the way of utilities. X-rays can also get a picture of what is below the surface, but usually at the cost of time and expense. To get the most precise location using X-rays, the technician often has to take many images from different angles, which means the customer has to pay for each image taken.

Saving Time and Money with GPR

As a direct result of the difficulties X-ray cause, many companies have turned to GPR to get the same answers more quickly and cost-efficiently. Professionals in the fields of mining, engineering, construction, geology, and archeology have consistently relied on this radar technology to solve problems unique to their specialties. It allows them to safely and effectively do what needs to be done.

Perhaps the greatest cause of problems in construction and engineering is having to restart or redesign a project when accidents happen related to subsurface utilities. Underground survey is perhaps the best way to eliminate or greatly reduce this problem. As a result, projects can run from start to finish with much less hassle, and without going over budget or over schedule.

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