Affordable House Plans

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Finding both custom and affordable house plans in the same blueprints isn't necessarily the vain hope you might have thought. So step back and think about the house you've always wanted. This might be renovating a slave cottage or tenant house along the Blue Ridge of Virginia, or building an environmentally friendly house 3,000 feet up near the Maryland-West Virginia border. Maybe it means building a Spanish Revival in the hills south of Oakland, California, or a Craftsman bungalow in the Ohio River Valley.

Affordable House Plans: One Strategy

It's one thing for an architect to adapt existing builder-ready schematics and another thing altogether to start with blank vellum. Your job--if you want customized but affordable house plans--is to research the hundreds of house plans available to you online, find several that are close enough to the mark, and use one of them as a starting point. A few alterations here or there are very likely all it will take to arrive at your dream home.

All you need is an architect willing to accommodate your list of needs and wants. First, however, you need to be very specific about what those are. Whether you're interested in genuine period architecture or not, that's a great place to begin. Think about architectural styles--this means the façade, the roof lines, the floor plans. The house you've always wanted will have architectural integrity, no matter what style it is. Am I right?

You should settle for nothing less. Certainly what you don't need to settle for the builder's idea of what you'll enjoy. Those may be affordable house plans, but that's probably the most that can be said for them--no disrespect to the good intentions of builders intended.

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