Arts And Crafts Home Plans

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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If you're partial to both informal simplicity and are most comfortable with period architecture, Arts and Crafts home plans might be your answer. The Arts and Crafts movement--a backlash against the industrial revolution of the 19th century--aimed for a reconnection with the environment. Having arisen in England with art critic John Ruskin and decorative artist William Morris, it made its way across the Atlantic during the 1870s. The diverse styles of the first generation of the movement drew primarily from England, but from Japan as well.

In architecture, Arts and Crafts home plans are best embodied in the one-and-a-half story bungalow, which became popular during the first 25 years or so of the 20th century. Characterized by low-pitched roofs, heavy front porches, and simple lines, the bungalow was a home style for the average American. Examples can be found all over the country, from California--its official birthplace--to Missouri to Kansas to South Carolina to Delaware. Unpretentious and charming, the bungalow has once again become a popular house style, and small wonder that it has.

You might want to build a new house from blueprints based on original plans. Perhaps, however, you're more of a purist and would like to find an original in your area. Either way, you'll certainly relish the sense of quiet and retreat that Arts and Crafts home plans will afford you especially welcome. This era of astounding technological advances is, after all, not unlike its predecessor of the 19th century.

Finding Period Arts and Crafts Home Plans

The Internet, of course, is a wonderful resource both for learning more about the Arts and Crafts movement and finding architectural plans and ideas. If you're intending to build a new house, what you want to find are architect builders whose specialty is period architecture. You'll then have someone with the expertise to tailor what you want and need in a house to the bungalow style without losing the stylistic integrity you rightly value.

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