Home Building

Written by Sierra Rein
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Throughout American history, the idea of home building is synonymous with prosperity and individual
freedom. As the pioneers of the frontier pushed West into new lands, they brought with them the concept that a self built home earns pride and a commitment to their new life. This same pride can be felt with the modern home builder too.

While our ancestors struggled with making tools and cutting down new wood for their houses, it is much easier for us. Home building today has become a mix of customization and easy to assemble modular homes. In fact, anyone can construct a home to his or her specifications within a year.

What Do You Need to Know?

Unlike our forefathers, the modern home builder does not need to have a complete understanding of home building to complete his or her dream home. Of course, the proper electricians, contractors, laborers, and construction crew need to be consulted with and involved in the general construction of the house. However, you can become an owner builder yourself, whether you know how to deconstruct a blueprint or not.

There are many programs in the current market meant to guide these owner builders through the process of sweat equity. With their own hard labor and a bit of know-how, these future owners invest a relatively small amount of out of pocket expenses and their own manual labor to get the job done. By the time the home is finished, the owner can walk in with equity under his or her belt as well as the pride once felt by pioneers of long ago.

Home Building Made Easy

Another aspect for the modern home builder to take advantage of is the concept of modular homes. These homes are built to be put together in prefabricated pieces, much like a puzzle. Once these pieces are shipped from the factory to the construction site, they are put together and placed onto the foundation.

The home can be as simple or as customized as you wish. Simple sift through a series of pre-arranged blueprints, choose one that you like, and add on or subtract rooms, windows, or doors as you see fit. These decisions will often become based on the size and quality of the land, a budget analysis, and your own personal tastes.

Getting Started on Your New Home

Once you decide on going ahead with your home building plan, acquaint yourself with all the information and options available to you. Look through the following pages to learn what sweat equity is and how the financing process of being a home owner/builder will proceed. Make sure you understand how important it is to know all the steps, both in safely building the house as well as all legal procedures.

Home building can be an exciting venture, but you don't have to do it alone. There are many companies designed to train you to become your own general contractor each step of the way. If you have any questions at any point, do not hesitate to contact one of these valuable resource companies.

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