Home Building Plans

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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If you're looking for home building plans, you've come in a good direction--this is something of a starting gate--and are in good company. Rare is the soul who doesn't get or can't get enthusiastic and creative about drawing up home building plans for the ideal house. Everyone's idea of what this dream home is differs from everyone else's, of course, but that's the joy of it.

Our homes are our castles, even if they're not built of stone occupying a solitary and strategic hill. You might be dreaming of or remembering a bungalow under sycamore trees by the Jersey shore, or a rustic cottage in the hills of West Virginia. Maybe a mission-style house south of Monterey is the haven you hope to find and settle in. The style doesn't matter, but finding the house and making it home does.

Home Building Plans: Where Do You Start?

Your style of research may be a mocha latte on a rainy Sunday at your local Barnes and Noble or Borders bookstore, with a stack of well-illustrated books on home design, interior decorating, and home building plans. If so, be sure to look at Virginia and Lee McAlester's A Field Guide to American Houses. It's a classic on domestic architecture--rich in photographs and simple yet clear drawings to help you understand architectural features, terms, and styles.

You can find much of the same information online, though not all in one place. What Internet research offers are architect-designed blueprints to get you started, and perhaps finished as well, if you're lucky. You might find exactly what you're thinking of. You might find something close but not quite there. They're out there--plans to turn over to a builder as is or to have customized to suit. Your dream house is just around the metaphorical corner!

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