Home Owner Builder Programs

Written by Sierra Rein
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Home owner builder programs are created with one thing in mind: to reward the hard work of the individual eager to build a home. Some people hire an outside general contractor to be responsible
during construction. However, if a person wishes to actively manage this construction, they can formally become an owner builder and start an owner builder program.

These home owner builder programs reward the individual for putting his own time and effort into the construction process. The owner/builder oversees the design and budgeting steps, obtains permits and subcontracting bids, and organizes the workers. These can include himself, his friends, and his family to save money in the long run!

The Financing of Home Owner Builder Programs

If you are not a licensed general contractor, you can still apply for loans and financial help. As long as you connect with a licensed site supervisor, you can get the money you need to finish the project. These site supervisors can also provide you with step by step help regarding the decision of blueprints, modifications, and land purchases, and can be great to have ready in case any questions arise.

These builder programs can allow the owner to put as much work as he pleases. The more he and his friends do the work, however, the more money is saved and the more equity is placed on the house. Or, if he wishes to simply become the project manager, that is fine too.

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